Elephant seals @ Point Reyes – January 2019

A new type of activity for BLPA, is a wildlife viewing activity! Point Reyes is home to an elephant seal population, massive 15-feet, 5000-pound seals with an elephant-like trunk. BLPA visited them in January 2019, where we saw them from a safe 200 feet distance. Massive males were lying on the beach, basically not doing anything, until we saw two of them engage in some noise-making contest. The loser took a swim. We saw very cute little cubs, crawling over the beach, and then one of them suddenly disappeared to never be seen again (still hoping the cub is alright!). And to top it off, it looked like we saw new cubs being born right before our eyes!

All of this at the Point Reyes Elephant Seal lookout, and the small hike to Chimney Rock.

Missed it? Come back for 2020, and in the meantime look at a livestream from another Californian location.