BLPA Committees

We are always on the lookout for new events that could be fun and that we can bring to the postdoc community together as well as enthusiastic individuals interested in serving the postdoc community. If you have any ideas for events, please let us know by email to [email protected] or by dropping a line to a board member you know. If you’d like to volunteer with BLPA, please fill out this form.

Social/Outdoor Committee

BLPA Social/Outdoor Committee puts together a wide variety of events to enrich the postdocs’ personal lives and support networking among postdocs in a social context. We organize activities including movie nights, game nights, cultural lunches, meet & greet events, a labmate program for new postdocs and we are happy to include new ideas. Join us to support social interactions among postdocs at Berkeley Lab.

When it is safe to do so, we are going to have in-person events and outdoor activities again.

Communication Committee

BLPA Communication Committee is the link between all BLPA committees. We enhance communication between the BLPA board and lab-wide postdoctoral community and foster networking and collaborative communication across divisions. Join us in preparing newsletters and documents used to announce BLPA events, creative writing science blogs, updating the BLPA website, designing posters/flyers and so much more fun!

Lab-Industry Networking Connection (LINC) Committee

BLPA LINC committee organizes virtual tech talks, postdoc-to-postdoc seminars, networking events and career fairs to educate postdocs about careers beyond academia and facilitate effective networking between postdocs and industry partners. Join us if you are interested in expanding your professional network and exploring opportunities beyond academia while improving your communication, public speaking, leadership, time and project management skills.