The Berkeley Lab Postdoc Association is an organization run by and for about 1000 postdocs and early career scientists working at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. We organize many activities to strengthen our ties to the Lab, to each other and to the (Berkeley) Bay Area. Our goal is to facilitate social interactions, scientific exchanges, seminars and general orientation.
forum@MSD – novel photonic structures

forum@MSD – novel photonic structures

We were thrilled to host the second event of out forum@MSD series, were we talked about novel photonic structures (the first event was about topological insulators).

This event was introduced by Xiang Zhang (, who does a lot of work around very strange and cool interactions between matter and light — like parity-time symmetry breaking and anti-lasers –that got him many awards recently (A.C. Eringen Medal, Julius Springer Prize for Applied Physics)

The presenters were postdocs Chad Ropp and Nicolas Bachelard, who presented different aspects of their research in non-equilibrium/dissipative structures for adaptive photonic and acoustic bandgap devices.

They both engaged a really interesting conversation with the attendees, who learned new experimental tricks and were able to give them feedback and ideas to move forward.

Pictures of the event are available here.