The Berkeley Lab Postdoc Association is an organization run by and for about 1000 postdocs and early career scientists working at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. We organize many activities to strengthen our ties to the Lab, to each other and to the (Berkeley) Bay Area. Our goal is to facilitate social interactions, scientific exchanges, seminars and general orientation.
Berkeley Lab Postdoc Association

Cultural Lunch – Insider’s Guide to Turkey

Friday, May 28th, 12:00 PM, Cultural Lunch

Join us for a Cultural Lunch led by BLPA Co-chair Gözde Barım, a postdoc at ESDR. She will tell us about the lesser-known wonders of Turkey. Join Zoom meeting here. 

You will discover mesmerizing landscapes, mind-blowing food, magical lands, magnificent historic monuments and more! Add to your calendar to join us!

We are also excited for upcoming Pride Month and would like to have another Pride theme Cultural Lunch this year to celebrate our diverse postdoc community together. Check out last year’s Cultural Lunch by Amalie Trewartha (postdoc in MSD) on Pride: a beginner’s guide to the queer and LGBTQ+ community. If you are interested in giving a Cultural Lunch for Pride Month please let us know at

Do you want to participate as a Cultural Lunch speaker? Let us know at Tell us about the place you grew up in or have a special connection with. Share with us a topic which is important and fascinating to you: geography, history, famous people you appreciate, food, festivals, culture, whatever inspires you.