Visit of MSRI

The Berkeley Lab postdocs were delighted to be given a tour of the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute by its director David Eisenbud! All the pictures are available here.

We’ve learned many things about how Mathematical science works, and the many differences in how it is conducted. Most postdocs come here for 6 months only, covering a specific topic of mathematics and sharing their thoughts during seminars.

David Eisenbud giving a tour Berkeley Lab postdocs
David Eisenbud giving a tour Berkeley Lab postdocs

The address of MSRI (17 Gauss way) has to do with polygon construction, and is a recurrent theme in the institution, as an exemplification that math and physical science are just two sides of the same coin.

The Institute was so kind they got us a chance to meet our mathematician counterparts and talk about exotic theories around a few beers and snacks !


We hope to create deeper connections between MSRI and LBNL in the future, and we will be thrilled to have them over anytime, to compare the respective merits of theory and experiment !

MSRI postdocs visiting Berkeley Lab's Advanced Light Source
MSRI postdocs visiting Berkeley Lab’s Advanced Light Source