Uncharted 2016

Berkeley Lab got a chance to bring some science to Uncharted, with Ruimin Qiao talking about how her research shines a light on batteries, and Sinead Griffin (@sineatrix) on how size doesn’t matter in science. The event was held October 14-15th in Berkeley, bringing together renown columnists and social activists.

Ruimin was the winner of the ALS/Molecular Foundry Science Slam, and Sinead recently won the Bay Area Falling Walls competition.

Sinead and Ruimin
Sinead and Ruimin

The video of their performances can be found here : Ruimin and Sinead.

The organizers (Berkeleyside) kindly handed free admission to half a dozen of postdocs of the lab.

Read more about Ruimin : https://als.lbl.gov/postdoc-profile-ruimin-qiao/