Berkeley Lab Postdoc Association

Berkeley Lab Postdoc Association

The Berkeley Lab Postdoc Association is an organization run by and for about 1000 postdocs and early career scientists working at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. We organize many activities to strengthen our ties to the Lab, to each other and to the (Berkeley) Bay Area. Our goal is to facilitate social interactions, scientific exchanges, seminars and general orientation.

Upcoming Events

Meet & Greet
We will have a "All We Need are Love and Passion" Meet and Greet on Thursday February 14, 4:00 - 5:00 pm inside the cafeteria! Let’s meet new people and greet the old friends!
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Cultural Lunch
Our next cultural lunch will be Friday February 22, 2019 in Perseverance Hall (54-130) at noonFadji Maina will talk about Niger.
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The next hike will be Saturday February 23, 2019 to Sibley Volcanic Regional Park.
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Past events

Elephant seals @ Point Reyes – January 2019
A new type of activity for BLPA, is a wildlife viewing activity! Point Reyes is home to an elephant seal population, massive 15-feet, 5000-pound seals...
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Ice Skating
Water in frozen form is not only below 0 °C or 32 °F or 272 K, as we as postdocs all know, but also slippery...
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Castle Rock State Park Hike – October 2018
The October hike took BLPA to Castle Rock State Park. We hiked among the big rocks via the Saratoga Gap Trail. We even climbed a...
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Kayaking @ Lake Chabot
Living in the Bay Area means we should not only explore the land, but also the water of this place. After proper research, the perfect...
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Treasure Island Bike Ride – July 2018
The July bike ride took a group of postdocs along the Bay Shore Trail and across the Bay Bridge to Treasure Island. There we hung...
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“Dip-In Break” Meet&Greet – July 2018
They July edition of the BLPA Meet&Greet involved several chip dips. They were enjoyed in Lab cafeteria patio.
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BLPA Board

BLPA is made up of volunteers – and we are always looking to grow! Are you interested? Do you want to know about the inner workings of BLPA and contribute to the postdoc community, building a larger network? Please contact us (postdoc (at) or sign up to check out one of our many committees!

Roel Van Beeumen
Computational Research Division

Maria Żurek
Nuclear Science Division

Ngoc Bui
Molecular Foundry
Committee Coordinator Communication

Sneha Jani
Molecular Foundry
Committee Coordinator LINC

Arnoud Everhardt
Materials Sciences Division
Committee Coordinator Outdoor & Secretary

Leticia Arnedo-Sanchez
Chemical Sciences Division
Committee Coordinator Social

Karol Krizka
Physics Division

Venkitesh Ayyar
Board Member

Sophia Betzler
Materials Sciences Division
Board Member

Junsong Lin
Physics Division
Board Member

Ro-Ya Liu
Advanced Light Source
Board Member

Fadji Maina
Energy Geosciences Division
Board Member