Career development

Now that you are a postdoc at one of the most prestigious laboratory worldwide, what’s next?

Well, here are some suggestions to start:

  1. Enriching your skills with CAREER workshops offered both on-site and offsite to prepare for a successful career in academia and beyond. For ones who are interested in exploring alternative career paths beyond academia, versatilephd may render some helpful information to start with.
  2. Having your CV/Resume tailored to specific job openings and continuously polished and do not forget to update your LinkedIn profile.
  3. Having your business card ready to facilitate efficient communication and networking. The lab does offer business card service.
  4. Network! It’s often a good idea to start with getting to know your fellow postdocs across divisions, and/or creating relationship with other institutions/companies by joining BLPA social events, divisional networking event, career fairs at UCB campus or local/online communities.
  5. If you are not originally from the US, keep in mind that it may take sometime for ones to ….(under construction)
  6. acquiring a green card or an O1-visa could be helpful
  7. Two advice when looking for potential employer: look for small company (under 1000 employees) and/or company that explicitly ask for PhD. You can get hired with a company that wasn’t looking for that but it’s easier when you don’t have to explain it again.
  8. Do informal interview. How? Read a Peter Fisk blog. Start with friends and family. It’s a good way to have a sense of the culture in the company.
  9. Ask yourself what kind of work-life balance you want. You don’t mind long hours if it’s exciting? You want to make a lot of money? You want to come back home at some point? Where do you want to live?

As a postdoc employee, the Lab offers you a large choice of workshops and seminars about career development (list here). The Lab provide membership for these online resources: PhD Versatile, NPA and Skill soft.

If you want to attend a workshop outside the Lab, you have a 500$ reimbursement available per fiscal year. For more information, contact Meg Rodriguez.

Check out your division and area, some organize special event for postdoc and early career scientist.

On UC campus, you can attend the event from Beyond Academia, PhD Consulting, SLAM or CDIPS (from the department of physics).

If you spouse came with you, INSPIRE will be a good place to start. This association meet every week at UC Community center to network.

BLPA had also do some research for you for resources online. This list isn’t exclusive:
Beyond the professoriate
Higher ed

I want to find a job, what I do?

Attend workshop at the Lab

If you are international, check your visa status

Explore at UC Campus other group and community

The Postdoc Association at Berkeley Lab is looking to foster relation with companies around the Bay Area.

We invite recruiter and workers to talk with postdoc at our monthly Meet & Greet.

We are also looking for expand our connection for our next Bay Area Postdoc Symposium who will take place at the Lab on September 8th.

If you want to come to the lab, please contact :