Before the barbecue season ends, we would like to invite you for a family-friendly gathering next Saturday (10/19) at San Pablo Park at 3-7 pm. All outdoor enthusiasts are invited to join the BBQ after our monthly BLPA hike. 

We will provide BBQ tools as well as cold drinks. For the food, it would be a potluck-style event. Here is a non-exhaustive list of what you can bring to share:

  • Meat to grill
  • Vegetables to grill
  • Ready to eat salad
  • Pie or cake
  • Chips, or any finger food
  • Your favourite potluck dish!

BLPA will provide grill, cooler, plates and cutlery as well as water, soft drinks and beers (upon 2$ donation – bring cash). It’s a family-friendly event with the park having a playground and restrooms. You can park easily close by. Feel free to bring outdoors games.

BLPA will bring the Great Cultural Game – a 3-round trivia game about countries covered by our Cultural Lunches series!