National Postdoc Appreciation Week 2016

Week of September 19th-23rd, 2016 is the National Postdoc Appreciation Week !

For the first time, LBNL postdocs will be able to celebrate !

Program :

  • Monday September 19th, noon : JGI Pizza lunch
  • Tuesday September 20th, noon : ALS/Molecular Foundry Appreciation (building 15-253)
  • Wednesday September 21st, 3pm : Biosciences Appreciation (cafeteria, b54)
  • Wednesday September 21st, 3pm : EESA Appreciation (B74 & B84 outdoor plaza)
  • Thursday¬† September 22nd, 2-4pm : CRD Appreciation (building 70A-3377)
  • Thursday¬† September 22nd, 6pm : lab-wide postdoc appreciation (cafeteria patio)
  • Friday September 23rd, 2-3pm : Biosciences postdoc celebration (Aquatic Park atrium, 717 Potter St. )
  • Thursday October 20th, 3:30-5pm ETA appreciation (building 54/cafeteria, Perseverance Hall)
    Please register here.


Berkeley Lab Postdoc Appreciation
Berkeley Lab Postdoc Appreciation

Here’s a summary of the events that happened that week.