Navigating the Lab as a postdoc


Work at Berkeley Lab is highly collaborative. You will therefore very quickly need to find your way to a building of some co-worker. And, that can be quite confusing. The buildings are numbered alright, but a rational geographic numbering scheme is … nonexistent. So, the best approach is to know where the up-do-date Lab site map is: here is a simple printable version, and here is an interactive version. Be careful when using Google maps: it recognizes some building numbers, but not all of them. Because many collaborations extend to UC Berkeley, you should know the site map location of the campus, too. Again, some building names on campus are recognized by Google maps, but several are not.

LBNL Library

The LBNL Library provides access to electronic journals, science databases, and books. Through the Library catalogs, you can request items from UC Berkeley libraries as well as from libraries around the world and have those items delivered to LBNL. The Library staff will assist you with gaining access to any information you need for your research. Just contact them at if you have any questions.