Professional development

Beyond Academia

Approximately 85% of PhDs won’t stay in academia on the long run. Therefore, Beyond Academia, a student-run organization, set out to empower “graduate students and post-docs to expand their careers beyond the traditional academic track”.

Future of Research

Research is ever evolving. To that end, a group of postdocs in the Boston area, the Future of Research, is dedicated to improving the shape of the scientific research landscape. They are specifically interested in metrics and incentives in science, funding, training, and the structure of the workforce, and they have stimulated several workshops and symposiums across the US addressing these topics.

Insight Data Science

Many positions in the Bay Area involve data sciences, and the Insight Data Science program offers a 7-week training, free of charge, to help trained scientist getting the required skill to become a data scientist. The admission is very competitive, but the program is highly successful.


Sharing is caring. So, the Naturejobs blog features expert advice and personal stories in order to help scientists in academia and industry to achieve their career goals. Of course, the platform is meant for interaction so that readers are highly encouraged to respond to posts. Furthermore, the Naturejobs podcasts airs audio interviews with leading scientists and advisers on diverse career issues.

Postdoc Industry Exploration Program (PIEP)

Since only a minority of the postdocs will get a permanent position in academia, the Postdoc Industry Exploration Program offers regular events to learn how to transition into the industry. Occasionally, visits of company (Google, Genentech)

Berkeley Postdoc Entrepreneurial Program (BPEP)

Starting a business based on your research is very different from starting a new tech company, and you need to learn the skills.