Below we provide a list of online references that might give you valuable directions at any stage of your personal postdoc path. Enjoy browsing!

  • A bridge to business
    Peter Fiske, Nature 530, 243-245 (2016).
  • Why pursue the postdoc path?
    Henry Sauermann and Michael Roach, Science 352, 663-664 (2016):
    Suggesting “a need for increased attention to career planning among students, their mentors, graduate schools, and funders.”
  • Postdocs reimagined
    Jennifer Sills, Science 349, 24-27 (2015):
    Opinions of young scientists whether the postdoc path is obsolete these days and, if not, in what ways it should/could be improved.
  • What is a PhD really worth?
    Peter Fiske, Nature 472, 381 (2011).